There Is Now A Home Alone-Themed Airbnb Which Is Perfect For A Festive Getaway

It’s been 30 years since the first Home Alone movie was released but to this day, it’s still an enjoyable and fun watch for the whole family, especially in the countdown to Christmas. For those who are a movie buff but also like to get away during the festive period, you can now stay at a Home Alone-themed Airbnb which resembles the film’s setting immensely. 

If you happen to be stopping by Dallas anytime soon and are in need of an Airbnb, you may come across a Home Alone-themed getaway ran by hosts Jeremy and Kelsey. Together, they are the masterminds behind the Home Alone getaway which is inspired by the classic family film.

Although set in a private duplex, it would definitely be an easy thing to forget once stood in the actual Airbnb, with paint cans hanging from the ceiling, a Michael Jordan cardboard cutout, mannequins decorating the space and toy cars scattered across the floor. When there, you could easily put yourself in the place of eight-year-old Kevin McAllister.

Credit: Airbnb

At first, you could assume the Airbnb has focused purely on the main settings of the film and that’s where the resemblance ends. But you’d be wrong. The hosts have gone into magnificent detail and have incorporated novelties items from the nineties across the property. As a guest, you will be guaranteed to come across a ping pong table, elegant classes that will almost certainly give you a milk moustache, and holiday VHS tapes. To go that extra mile hosts Jeremy and Kelsey will even deliver a delicious cheese pizza (just like Kevin orders).

Credit: Airbnb

The accommodation allows up to six guests (four beds), which means that unlike Kevin, you aren’t expected to stay solo. Per night, the private duplex costs $300 a night. So, if this was divided between a group of you, it would only be $50 per night each.

Credit: Airbnb

So far, the Airbnb has garnered only five-star reviews from guests that have stayed the night.

One person wrote: “I’m happy to say that our stay was everything I hoped it would be! The thoughts and details that went into planning this themed getaway are top notch and I cannot believe some of the memorabilia in this place!”

If you’d be interested in staying the night at the Home Alone-themed Airbnb, click here.

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