There Is Now A Horror Streaming Service Which You Can Get For Free!

There is now a horror streaming service which allows you to watch a ton of terrifying movies for free – for a limited time only!

As everyone has been left with no choice but to social distance and there’s no absolutely no chance of visiting a cinema amidst the coronavirus outbreak, it means plenty of people have been stuck without things to watch on the television. Of course, before isolation everyone binge-watched but now it’s on another level.

Thankfully, if you’re a horror fan you’re in luck. You can now sign up to a free streaming service that offers hundreds of creepy films for you to watch.

Introducing Shudder, the horror streaming platform which allows viewers to browse a range of eerie films, originals, TV series’ and podcasts.

Instead of the platform offering its usual seven-day free trial, the company has extended it to 30 days, making it an ideal pastime whilst everyone social distances.

All you need to do to get in on this special offer is to use the code “SHUTIN” and it’s available for new members across the UK, Ireland, US and Canada.

Shudder announced the special offer on its Twitter, explaining that they would be making daily recommendations on which shows and films they’d think you’d enjoy watching.

One of the great things about this streaming service is that it offers you the closest thing to a cinema trip during these difficult times. Shudder will be hosting live streams of films over the course of the next weeks, and you can join in alongside friends and family.

On the platform, there’s already a great collection of films to watch, including The Room, Satanic Panic, The Hills Have Eyes, The Whistler and Let The Right One In.

As people are increasingly spending time at home, the platform has already launched a ‘Shut In’ collection in the US, which features titles that are related to being trapped. This includes films like Audition and Escape From New York.

To make sure you claim your 30-day free trial, head over to the Shudder website and select ‘try 7 days free’.

This will take you to make your own account, where you will put your email and password. You will then need to add your payment details – this is something you have to remember if you decide to cancel before the 30-day free trial is up, or you’ll get charged for the following month! After the free trial ends, you’ll be charged £3.99 per month, which isn’t that bad at all if you’re a horror movie buff.

After you put all these details in, you will have the option of putting in a promo code. This is where you put “SHUTIN” and voila! You can watch horror movies for the entire month until your heart’s content!

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