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TikTok Cooking Hack ‘Leaves Man With Burns All Over Face’

A TikTok cooking hack for eggs has apparently backfired on one man and left him with 'burns all over his face'.  
Credit: @28gazmcd1/TikTok

A TikTok cooking hack for eggs has apparently backfired on one man and left him with ‘burns all over his face’.  

Gary McDougal posted the video detailing what happened on the platform and has warned others against cooking poached eggs in a microwave.

In a post that has amassed over 680,000 views, the Scottish man said: “Last night didn’t go according to plan.”

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cooking hack man burns
The TikToker took to the platform to warn others against using the same TikTok cooking hack. Credit: @8gazmcd1/TikTok

He then explained that once he took the egg out of the microwave, boiling water exploded ‘all over his face’ and caused the burns.

In the comments section, he continued: “I think the egg has taken up the surface area of the cup and when I’ve put the spoon in it to get it out the bubbling pressure and air has popped, or trapped air pressure, either way no more for me.”

McDougal told  Deadline News how the hack works, saying: “You boil the kettle, fill an ordinary teacup halfway up with water and then crack the egg into the cup.

“You then put it in the microwave for 40 seconds and voila, one poached egg.”

He also revealed that the accident meant he had to take a trip to A&E, but thankfully will fully recover. 

In a subsequent video, he warned followers: “Be careful alright, don’t poach eggs in the microwave, buy one of those machines.”

@8gazmcd1don’t poach eggs in the microwave♬ original sound – Gary McDougall

It seems like he wasn’t alone in his experience, with several users commenting that the same thing had happened to them.

One said: “The same thing happened to me! I have a video on my Snapchat and Tiktok, hope you have a speedy recovery.”

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