People Warned Not To Sleep In ‘Car Crash’ Position

An expert is warning people not to doze off in a 'car crash' sleeping position.
Credit: @levitex/TikTok

People are being warned not to sleep in a ‘car crash’ position.

Everyone has their favourite and most comfortable sleeping position.

Whether it’s curled up in a ball, flat on their back, or, of course, the ‘car crash’ position.

But one expert has warned people to stop sleeping this way and they’ve explained the reason why.

Learn the main reasons people suffer from back pain and what to do about it below…

Sleep posture specialist James Leinhardt has taken to TikTok to enlighten viewers about the perils of sleeping on one’s stomach, dubbing it the ‘worst ever’ position for posture.

In a follow-up video, he demonstrates a more optimal approach.

The TikTok clip was posted by Levitex, a pillow and mattress brand that prides itself on caring about spine health.

Leinhardt begins by illustrating the flaws of stomach sleeping.

He pulls his knee toward his upper body, widening his legs while lying flat on the bed.

The TikToker explains that this position causes the neck to rotate and twist, and it fights against the natural curves of the spine.

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It also compresses the vertebrae, leading to discomfort, pins and needles sensation, neck pain, and back pain.

To further demonstrate the impact on the body, Leinhardt uses a model skeleton.

Despite his intentions, his remarks have received a backlash in the comments section, with many people asserting that sleeping on their stomachs is their preferred way to sleep.

One writes: “It is comfy. If it wasn’t I wouldn’t have gotten used to it in the first place.”

Another says: “Then why does it feel so good????”

Someone else adds: “Guess I’m going to be an old lady with the neck pain, back pain, compressing all the vertebrae.”

@levitex The worst sleeping position award goes to stomach sleeping 👎 #sleepingposition #tummysleeper #sleep ♬ original sound – Levitex

A fourth quips: “Life is too short I’m still going to do this.”

In a subsequent video, Leinhardt clarifies that he didn’t intend to upset or ruin anyone’s sleep.

He says: “When I’m sat in this chair and slouched, I’m comfortable for about 20 minutes, maybe half an hour max.

“But then the pressure on the top of my sacrum and the way that my spine is slouched in the chair is going to cause me loads and loads of pain.

“Eventually I’m going to reposition myself and move up and improve my posture.”

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Leinhardt emphasises that the familiarity of the sleeping position is merely an association, and after falling asleep, discomfort may cause tossing and turning.

He then demonstrates a better alternative to stomach sleeping, namely sleeping on one’s side.

He advises placing a pillow between the tip of the ear and the tip of the shoulder to provide support. Another pillow should be positioned between the knees and ankles to stabilize the hips.

Finally, hugging a pillow helps deweight the top shoulder and increases stability, reducing the likelihood of rolling over during sleep.

Leinhardt encourages viewers to try this new position for 30 minutes, assuring them that if they don’t find it comfortable, they can always revert to their previous sleeping habits.

He acknowledges that breaking the habit of stomach sleeping may be challenging but stresses the potential long-term benefits for posture and overall comfort.

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