TikTok User Causes Outrage With Plan To Publicly Fat-Shame Women With ‘Catch A Whale’ Trend

A bloke has sparked outraged amongst TikTok viewers after announcing plans to publicly fat-shame women by using his “To Catch A Whale” trend on social media. 

TikTok user Paid in Cash has caused outrage amongst his followers, as he took to the social media platform with an announcement of his “To Catch A Whale” trend he plans to use to fat-shame women.

In the clip, he said: “A new section of this page is going to be called ‘To Catch a Whale.’

“You might be familiar with the show To Catch a Predator where they basically catch creepy pedos who try to sleep with children.

“We’re not going to be doing that, ‘To Catch a Whale’ is going to be a spin-off, my version and it’s going to be basically me going into grocery stores and shopping centres, things like that and I’m going to be recording the most overweight, obese, nasty looking women that I possibly can.

“Hopefully we can find a Moby Dick, I’m sure it won’t be hard, I know where to find them.”

The TikTok user revealed plans to confront women in Walmart, a store which he expresses his hatred for, as he claims it’s full of “freaks and weirdos”.

@paidincashTo catch a whale starts tomorrow. ##singlemoms ##genderequality ##relationshipadvice ##womensrights ##fatshaming ##womensrightsmatter ##feministiktok

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As you can imagine, it wasn’t long before the comments section was flooded with outrage from his followers.

One wrote: “Someone needs to replace your soul.”

A second added: “My two-year-old niece is more polite than you, you need help.”

While a third commented: “So… you’re basically going to intentionally dehumanize a human to make yourself feel valid.”

Paid in Cash has quickly made him a name for himself with his strong ideas, as he’s also claimed that men should avoid single mothers.

In one of his TikTok videos, he said: “Single mothers are the problem. Run.

“Don’t bother trying to date them because many men have tried before you and left them hence why they couldn’t even keep the man who impregnated them.”

He added: “Do not bother picking up somebody else’s f***ing baggage, you don’t need that s***.”

Initially, many TikTok users were attracted to his page after he began to slam women who launched OnlyFan pages.

In addition to this, he offended many by claiming that men and women “are not equal when it comes to sleeping around” and women need to be pickier with who they choose to sleep with.

Meanwhile, viewers of This Morning were recently left infuriated when a guest on the show, who is a fitness instructor, said she won’t work with fat people.

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Written by Aimee Walker

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