TikTok User Shows Disgusting Amount Of Dirt Lurking In iPhones And Earbuds

A TikTok user has exposed how much dirt lurks in our iPhones and earbuds, which shows we should really be cleaning our devices much more often. 

An Irish technology repair shop has a TikTok account in which they dedicate showing TikTokers how to deep clean devices such as iPhones.

However, people have been left absolutely horrified by how much grime, wax and dirt manages to find its way into our handheld devices.

In one of the clips, experts show how filthy a customer’s phone charger port has become, even referring to it as “the belly button of your iPhone”. Surprisingly, even pieces of fluff were discovered too.

In the video, you can see that the port is full of dead skin, clothes fibres and dirt in general.

Fortunately, the experts reveal that cleaning this isn’t actually such a difficult thing to do. By simply using a thin metal scraper it’s shown to be pretty simple to gently pull the dirt out of the port. The blow the rest away, you just need to use a hairdryer.

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Yet watching how Airpods are cleaned is even viler.

In close-up clips, users can see the astonishing amount of wax that has built up inside, with hairs around the edges of the headphones.

As you can imagine, cleaning Airpods is much trickier. To begin, the experts pour a single drop of isopropyl alcohol into the headphones which will help to soften up the wax. Then, a blunk toothpick is used to dislodge it.

To remove the rest of the earwax, they use a small brush. And viola, the Airpods look brand new.

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After watching some of these clips, people have vowed to never use Airpods again.

One wrote: “Lord have mercy, I’m about to cry.”

Another commented: “I REFUSE to share earbuds for this reason.”

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