TikToker Branded ‘Disturbed’ After Cooking Steak In Sink

TikToker cooks steak in the sink.
Credit: @mitchellwoollard/TikTok

A TikToker has been branded ‘disturbed’ after showing how he cooks steak in the sink.

Mitchell Woollard, who has over 10k followers on the social media platform, captioned the clip: “I love to cook.”

Using a kettle, he pours boiling water on the raw meat and repeats the step four times. 

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Steak in the sink
The TikToker showed how he cooks steak in the sink, using a kettle. Credit: @mitchellwoollard/TikTok

As a finishing step, Mitchell stabs a knife into the steak to check whether or not the food is ready.

By following these instructions, the TikToker alleges that the ‘perfect, well done’ steak is created.

So far, the clip has been viewed a whopping 3.7 million times and it’s been liked over 230,000 times too.  

But his followers haven’t been left impressed and some have even dubbed the influencer a ‘liar’. 

A viewer wrote: “It was cooked in a pan between clips…”

Pitching in, a second said: “You do not take the steak out of the sink to cook it in a pan, then put it back in the sink and ruin it.”

However, other viewers had more of an issue with the cleanliness of the guy’s drainage in the sink. 

“Tell me you don’t clean your sink without telling me you don’t clean your sink,” one person joked. 

Another added: “It’s the bacteria in the sink for me.”

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Recently, another TikToker shared a ‘steak hack’ using a toaster.

Despite followers dubbing it unhygienic and unnecessary, the woman insisted that she always deep-cleans the appliance afterward to remove any traces of raw meat.

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Written by Aimee Walker

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