TikToker Says £1750 Hotel’s Quarantine Food Is ‘Worse Than Prison’

A TikToker has blasted their £1750 hotel's quarantine experience, dubbing the food 'worse than prison's'. 
Credit: @onenonly66/TikTok

A TikToker has blasted their £1750 hotel’s quarantine experience, dubbing the food ‘worse than prison’. 

The person, who is only known as @onenonly66, has shared a number of videos from their room. However, it’s unclear where it is they are staying.

In one clip, they said: “£1750 quarantine hotel. I’m sure they get better food in prison.”

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The TikToker blasted their hotel’s quarantine experience, in particular the food. Credit: @onenonly66/TikTok

They continued: “So this is the warm breakfast that they apparently give. [There’s] such a small pot of beans. It’s the sort of pot you’d usually get sauce in.

“The boiled egg looks absolutely disgusting… like it’s been bitten. And as you can see here, the mushrooms, tomato, and sausage… I’m obviously not touching it.”

In another clip, the TikToker fumed: “So look at this lasagne they offered us for dinner. [It’s] absolutely disgusting.

“Can you see the marks all around the box? I didn’t eat that.”

So far, their clips have racked up thousands of views and over 24,000 likes.

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However, many people have taken to the comments and said it’s their own fault for choosing to go on holiday during a pandemic.

One viewer said: “You had a choice. Mine was [to] stay at home.”

Another added: “The £1750 or whatever it is is to deter people from travelling in the first place. It’s your own fault love.

“Quit your complaining and deal with it.”

However, some people took to the TikToker’s defence and argued that nobody knew the person’s reasons for travelling, so they had no right to judge.

Defending them, they said: “Everyone in the comments is assuming she went on a holiday to a red list country AND chose to spend £1750 when coming home…”

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