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TikToker Pretends To Be Pregnant To Get Extra Bag On Flight

A TikToker has claimed that she pretended to be pregnant to get an extra bag on her flight.

The woman, called Ashlin, shared a clip of herself getting changed in the airport toilets after she made her way through security for a domestic flight in the US.

On the screen, she wrote: “When you get a $44 flight but can only bring a backpack.”

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The TikToker has claimed that she pretended to be pregnant to get an extra bag on her domestic flight in the US. Credit: @miniadvantures/TikTok

In the video, Ashlin pulled a drawstring bag around her front and positioned it low so that she looked as though she was expecting.

She then pulled on a baggy hoodie over the top so that the bump looked even more realistic.

As well as managing to get the extra bag on the flight, the TikToker’s trick worked so well that she even got to be boarded onto the plane first, as airline staff presumed she was pregnant.

Jokingly, she captioned the post: “My parents raised me better than this.”

@miniadvanturesMy parents raised me better than this👀 ##ballinonabudget ##nobodysgonnaknow ##traveltips ##cheaptravel ##traveltiktok ##shhh

♬ how would they know bad girls club – Chris Gleason

Since Ashlin shared the clip, it’s accumulated a whopping 16million views and thousands of TikTokers have taken to the comments to brand her a ‘genius’.

One viewer commented: “Literally gonna do this next week.”

Another added: “Sorry, you’re a genius.”

However, not everyone found the clip so amusing, as some TikTokers branded Ashlin a ‘fraud’.

In a rant, one said: “Genius, and also the type of person who makes the world a worst place. Yep, I said it. A scammer… a cheat… a fraud. Oh, and entitled.”

But Ashlin doesn’t seem to be too fazed by any backlash she’s received, as she’s continued to share follow-up clips about her ‘genius’ travelling hack.

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