TikToker Claims They Were Refused Service At Restaurant Over Tipping

A TikToker has claimed they were refused service from a restaurant because the manager thought they wouldn't tip. 
Credit: @buelistic/TikTok

A TikToker has claimed they were refused service from a restaurant because the manager thought they wouldn’t tip. 

Bueli Njheri, who goes by the username @buelistic, titled their video ‘What makes you leave a nice tip? Do you feel obligated?’ in a response to another user who said: “No one is obligated to tip you.”

Replying to this, the TikToker recalled a recent incident and said: “So yesterday I went to a restaurant with someone I like, and this time we decided to turn the duo into a three and invite one of our friends.

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When we sat down at the table, none of the servers showed up and one of the managers came and told us they didn’t want to serve us anymore.

“We asked them why and they said tipping was a big reason.”

Nijeri stressed that as a tattoo artist, they understand that people can’t always afford tips and that it shouldn’t be forced on them and prevent people from receiving a service in the future.


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However, it has sparked a debate in the comments regarding whether people should tip or not. 

One viewer replied: “Servers should not need to rely on tips, but the reality is establishments incorporate it into their pay… so sometimes base wage is $2/hr.”

Reflecting on their own experiences, another added: “I mean, as a server, I lose money on people that don’t tip or barely tip because I need to tip out the host, bartender, food runner, busser.”

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However, others disagreed, with one user writing: “My mom always says don’t go out to eat if you can’t afford to tip”

“I tip based SOLELY on service. I don’t tip just because I’m ‘supposed to’ I don’t go the percentages suggested if I get amazing service. I overtip,” commented another. 

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