TikToker Shows How To Make Wetherspoons Cocktails

A TikToker has gone viral after sharing how she makes classic Wetherspoon cocktail pitchers for you to enjoy at home. 

The social media user paid homage to the popular pub chain by sharing the recipes of a number of its go-to cocktail, including the Blue Lagoon, Ultra Violet, Ginberry Fizz, and Purple Rain.

The tips have even been given the seal of approval by Wetherspoons workers!

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Credit: TikTok/@youlikejazzzzzz

If the Blue Lagoon is your go-to pitcher, all you need is a jug. Fill this with three-quarters of ice, 50ml  of Smirnoff vodka, 50ml of Blue Curaçao, a splash of lemonade and two dashes of lime cordial.

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To replicate the Ultra Violet, the TikToker says you need to fill a jug with three-quarters of ice, then mix it with 100ml of Parma Violet gin and two cans of Monster Ultra.

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For the Ginberry Fizz, she says you’ll need ice, 50ml of Chambord, 50ml of pink gin and a pouring of lemonade to top it off.

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But if it’s the Purple Rain that’s taken your fancy, she recommends that you fill a jug with three-quarters of ice, add 50ml of Blue Curaçao, 50ml of cherry sours and enough lemonade for the ice cubes to be covered. Then mix the drink together and serve it up.

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So far, the clips have received thousands of likes and comments from those who are also missing their fave cocktails.

One person said: “YOU’RE A GODSEND, I’ve missed this drink so much!”

Another added: “I’m saving this for personal reasons.”

While other viewers revealed the clips had left them surprised, as they had not really thought about what was in the drinks beforehand.

A TikToker exclaimed: “Two pitchers of this a night really explains why I never slept omg!”

As the tutorials have become so successful, there’s been a series of requests for her to recreate other favourites such as the Mango Monster Mash, Very Cherry, Godfather, Tuti Fruiti, Long Island Ice Tea and Bubble Gin.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@youlikejazzzzzz

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