‘Time Traveller From 2102’ Claims ‘Aliens Will Land On Earth Next Month’

A 'time traveller,' who claims to be from the 'year 2102,' has claimed that 'aliens will land on Earth next month'. 
Credit: @pasttimetravel/TikTok

A ‘time traveller,’ who claims to be from the ‘year 2102,’ has claimed that ‘aliens will land on Earth next month’. 

The TikToker, who goes by the name Matthew Smith, says they work for an ‘international time organisation’ which is referred to as ‘Project Phantom’.

Recently, he shared a clip captioned: “Very soon…”

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The ‘time traveller’ claims that ‘aliens will land on Earth next month’. Credit: @pasttimetravel/TikTok

In the video, Smith claimed: “Attention, the aliens named Nozics will arrive on a meteor in two months.

“They will have advanced technology which can produce endless electricity. They will keep their presence hidden from the public and only communicate with the government.”

So far, the clip has amassed a whopping 490,000 views and hundreds have taken to the comments, admitting they’re not so convinced.

One viewer joked: “You previously said that they would arrive on Christmas Day 2021. Now it’s in two months? Did their flight get delayed?”

A second quipped: “On a meteor, eh? How are they gonna survive the impact? How’d they get on that meteor!”

“Advanced technology but they arrive on a rock,” a third remarked.

A fourth joined in, writing: “They’ll keep their presence a secret, but show up on a meteor… Makes sense.”

@pasttimetravel Very soon… #fyp #fypシ #fypage #xyzbca #timetravel #timetraveler #pasttimeiswrong ♬ The Time is Coming – Aery Yormany

Others were actually intrigued by Smith’s claims and said that they’d actually read about a ‘meteor landing on Earth soon’.

Defending the ‘time traveller,’ one wrote: “I was laughing till I realised a meteor is actually heading towards earth.”

“You know what’s crazy?” another added. “There’s a news article saying that there’s a meteor heading towards earth.”

Conspiracising, a third said: “This could be true cause there’s a meteor coming here and the White House is starting to secure the base, so yeah.”

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Written by Aimee Walker

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