‘Time Traveller From 2714’ Warns World To Prepare For ‘Three Major Dates’ In 2022

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A ‘time traveller from the year 2714′ has warned the world to prepare for ‘three major dates’ in 2022. 

The TikToker, who goes by the name @aesthetictimewarper, has shared a new clip in which they’ve claimed ‘there is a lot you need to know’ about the upcoming year.

First of all, they say that a human will have the world’s first-ever child with a chimpanzee on March 11.

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The ‘time traveller from the year 2714’ has warned the world to prepare for ‘three major dates’ in 2022. Credit: Pexels

Apparently, it will be able to verbally communicate and have mixed features of both species.

The ‘time traveller’ then alleges that a new Covid strain will emerge – dubbed Omega – and it will be ‘five times’ more dangerous than the others.

Later on in the year, supposedly in September, they claim that the world’s largest creature will be discovered in the ocean. Apparently, it will be ‘four times’ bigger than a blue whale.

According to the TikToker, experts will name the ginormous creature Cerine Croin.

@aesthetictimewarper There is a lot you need to know… #fyp #fypage #timewarper #timetraveler #timetravel #xyzcba #viral ♬ The End is Near – Aery Yormany

Although @aesthetictimewarper intended to warn their followers about 2022 and its events, many people haven’t taken their predictions too seriously.

One follower said: “If anyone else on here ever time travels, please do better. I’m better off just watching The Simpsons.”

Another added: “I’ve written down all your predictions none came true.”

“If a chimpanzee human hybrid will be born then we would have known 9 months beforehand,” a third viewer pointed out.

A fourth wrote: I” am a traveller and my prediction is that in the start of 2022 there is a month called January.”

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