‘Time Traveller’ Says Huge Alien Revelation Is Coming On Christmas Day

A ‘time traveller’ has claimed that a huge alien revelation will be made on Christmas Day.
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A ‘time traveller’ has claimed that a huge alien revelation will be made on Christmas Day.

The holiday season should be a time of celebration, opening presents, and indulging in food.

However, according to one ‘time traveller’, this Christmas should be one of caution and they’ve shared a warning on social media.

The mysterious TikToker, who goes by the username @timevoyaging, has claimed to their 351,000 followers that the US government has some damning information about the pyramids.

Find out how this telescope captured a ‘fingerprint’ in space in the clip below…

They alleged that the iconic structures were made by aliens, despite there being no evidence.

In their 20-second TikTok clip, which featured suspenseful music, they wrote: “Attention!

“On December 25, 2022, the US Government reveals the pyramids were made by aliens.”

They then warned their viewers of the ‘Distance’, who are apparently a group of hostile aliens who are attempting to ‘command’ the galaxy.

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According to the ‘time traveller’, the alien species have placed pyramids on each of the planets that they’ve taken over – if there is living life on it.

Ending their TikTik video, the user continued: “When they eventually come back to our planet, they will start the First War of Earth.”

The video has gone viral on social media, amassing more than 6,000 likes, while people have been discussing it in the comments section.

@timevoyaging They are coming… #fyp #fypage #timevoyaging #timetravel #timetraveler #viral #xyzbca #2022 #conspiracy ♬ Voice of Ripples – Truth Needs To Be Out

One user joked: “It’s not gonna be a holly jolly Christmas anymore.”

“Man not on Xmas, I want gifts not fear,” commented a second person.

While another user said: “I don’t know about y’all but for me, that’d be the best Christmas present ever.” 

“I would love to believe this, but logic is pulling me back,” a fourth wrote.

However, a lot of people in the comments have dismissed the alleged time traveller’s prediction.

“The pyramids were made by the people of that region who had extensive knowledge of mathematics and engineering,” one viewer insisted.

Another asked: “Isn’t this the premise for the Stargate movie?”

Someone else said: “We were told Earth would be destroyed two months ago.”

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The ‘time traveller’s account features more than 50 videos and its content has garnered more than 2.8 million likes.

Their videos have included numerous claims.

For example, they’ve alleged that Amazon and Tesla will join forces to create a ‘wifi chip that will cure paralysis’ in 2023.

While they’ve also claimed that Avatar is based on a true story.

They’ve also insisted that humans will eventually look completely different.

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