‘Time Traveller’ Claims Earth Will Be Invaded By Aliens Today

A 'time traveller' claims Earth will be invaded by aliens today.
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A ‘time traveller’ claims Earth will be invaded by aliens today.

The potential threat of being visited by extraterrestrial species is something that many of us anticipate.

People on TikTok who claim to be time travellers have predicted an invasion to arrive for some time.

But now one user is saying that a takeover is imminent.

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Eno Alaric, who goes by the name @radianttimetravel on TikTok, claims to be from the year 2671.

Their latest post reads: “Yes, I am a real-time traveller, the world will soon end.

“A very hostile alien species is coming to take back Earth, we will not win.”

The video continues: “Another alien, whose world was destroyed by the hostiles, will save some of us.

“On March 23, 2023, about 8,000 people will be taken to another habitable planet.”

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The ‘time traveller’ does go on to confirm to their 379,000 followers that Earth will not end on March 23.

It’s simply the day when ‘The Champion’ species will take people from Earth to another planet.

Time Traveller alien invasion
A ‘time traveller’ claims Earth will be invaded by aliens today. Credit: @radianttimetraveler/TikTok

People who have watched the video have addressed the ‘time traveller’s’ claims in the comment section.

One person writes: “This Thursday? I’m getting my handbrake fixed will the invasion be after I’ve paid or before.”

Someone else asks: “Prove it. tell me what the lotto numbers are in the PowerBar this week.”

“Uhhh it is today guys,” says a third user.

This is not the first time that the TikToker has predicted that the species will visit our planet.

@radianttimetraveler The Champion has arrived… #fyp #foryou #radianttime #timetravel #timetraveler #viral #xyzbca #theory #conspiracy ♬ Radiant Steps – Eno Alaric

In another post, they claim that the ‘hostile alien species’ is heading towards our planet and plan to take over Earth.

“A very hostile alien species is coming to take back the Earth, [and] we will not win,” they claimed.

There is some hope though, as they claim that another alien species will help us and fight on our side of the battle.

Although many are sceptical of the ‘time traveller’s’ claims, there might actually be some truth to alien life coming to our planet in the near future.

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Recently, scientists have warned that Earth must prepare for an encounter before it’s too late.

Scientist Dr John Elliott says that humans cannot afford to be ill-prepared and that it could possibly become a reality ‘as early as tomorrow’.

He said: “We need to coordinate our expert knowledge not only for assessing the evidence but also for considering the human social response.

“And the time to do this is now.”

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