‘Time Traveller’ Shares ‘Video Evidence’ That ‘Proves Aliens Exist’

A 'time traveller' has taken to TikTok and shared 'video evidence' that 'proves aliens exist'. 
Credit: @pasttimetravel/TikTok

A ‘time traveller’ has taken to TikTok and shared ‘video evidence’ that ‘proves aliens exist’. 

The TikToker, who goes by username @pasttimetravel, shared a clip on February 17 captioned: “They are here…”

In the video, they went on to say: “Stop scrolling. Many of you wanted video evidence of ‘the others’ arriving.”

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A ‘time traveller’ has taken to TikTok and shared ‘video evidence’ that ‘proves aliens exist’.  Credit: @pasttimetravel/TikTok

Referring to the clip, they continued: “This video was taken in Cameroon Africa [on] February 14th at night.

“This video matches my description stating when ‘the others’ arrive.”

So far, the post has garnered a whopping 600,000 views and thousands have taken to the comments and insisted it’s just a ‘wildfire’.

One viewer said: “That’s a wildfire. Nice try.”

Another added: “That looks like fire on a hillside? Lol I mean I believe they are real and out there but this just looks a little close to wildfires to me.”

“Forest fire… Try another one,” a third commented.

A fourth pitched in, saying: “Nope. That’s a fire burning somewhere in the distance.”

“How is a random video of fire supposed to be proof that you’re a ‘time traveller’?” a fifth questioned.

@pasttimetravel They are here… #fyp #fypシ #fypage #xyzbca #viral #timetravel #timetraveler #pasttimeiswrong ♬ Intense Music(850540) – Pavel

However, others were convinced that this time, the ‘time traveller’ could finally be telling the truth.

“Oi I swear to god if I see these things I’m gonna lose it!” one commented. “Seriously…”

“Should I be worried?” a second TikToker asked.

“We are NOT alone I don’t understand why people are having a hard time believing that,” a third ranted.

Another added: “I do believe they are here how I wish to meet them.”

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Written by Aimee Walker

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