‘Time Traveller’ Claims ‘Another World’ Will Be ‘Discovered Deep Underground In 2023’

A 'time traveller' has claimed that 'another world' will be 'discovered deep underground in 2023'. 
Credit: @timevoyaging/TikTok

A ‘time traveller’ has claimed that ‘another world’ will be ‘discovered deep underground in 2023’. 

The TikTok user, who goes by the name @timevoyaging, shared a clip that they simply captioned: “Azawa has opened…”

Starting off with their claims, they said: “Yes, I am a real-time traveller. Another world inside of Earth is soon discovered.

See these deep-space images released by NASA…

“On January 13, 2023, someone who is exploring deep, underground caves finds a giant hatch.

“This hatch leads to another world known as ‘Azawa’ where everything is new – species, liquids, air etc.

“The ‘humans’ of Azawa are very hostile and have been causing many problems such as 9/11 and others.”

The post has garnered 3.2million views and thousands of likes.

Many ‘conspiracy theorists’ have also taken to the comments and shared their thoughts on the ‘time traveller’s’ claims.

One wrote: “Let me add these to my calendar.”

Another asked: “What did you come back to change?”

“I have been looking for real-time travellers to fix this past 2 years and this year,” a third joked.

“Bro, one of these is a plot of a movie,” added another.

‘Time Traveller’ Shares ‘Video Evidence’ That ‘Proves Aliens Exist’

Recently, another ‘time traveller’ made two claims about the summer of 2022.

The unidentified person said on August 29, ‘five people will receive superpowers’ and in December, ‘England wins the football World Cup’.

“This video isn’t a joke. Yes, I’m a real-time traveller, let me prove it to everyone with proof. Remember these dates,” the clip was captioned.

After seeing the clip, one TikToker joked: “Think you’ve been watching too much Back to the Future mate… You ain’t no time traveller.”

“If you’re a real-time traveller who makes it to the Super Bowl and wins next year?” a second questioned.

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