Tinder Creep Is Sacked From Job After Sending Abusive Messages To Woman As She Refused To Have Sex

A man has been sacked from his job after he verbally abused a woman he met on Tinder as she refused to have sex with him. 

Ebonie Sanderson, a speech pathology student, took to Instagram to share abusive messages she had received from a man who she had refused to have sex with. Horrified by the vile messages he sent her, the woman was determined that other women across Sydney were aware of the “privileged misogynistic PIG” called “Tom”, who is from Bondi.

The 26-year-old’s post quickly went viral and was picked up by Clementine Ford and her army of feminists who were outraged by the rude and inappropriate messages sent by the man on Tinder.

Within 24 hours a social media campaign resulted in Tom losing his job due to his behaviour being exposed.

Instagram: @eboniesand

Ebonie wrote on Instagram: “This is what happens when you say NO or call out a man for being disrespectful.

“You apparently earn yourself the right to get verbally abused and fat-shamed on more than one platform.

“No I didn’t ‘ask for it’ and yes, I’m entitled to change my mind and tell someone I’m not interested anymore because I feel uncomfortable and intimidated by one’s aggressive and forceful nature.

“If anyone comes across this man on dating apps or social media, please report him.

“I will never change my weight for anyone else but MYSELF!!!”

Instagram: @eboniesand

The student then shared a series of messages that had been exchanged between herself and Tom. In the messages, it showed how they talked over Snapchat and after talking for a while, Ebonie declined an invitation to go back to his house.

In response, Tom wrote: “The fat liberal arts chick… teach me.

“I know you know deep down you are below me, that there is hierarchy in society.

“And the dysgenic like you are there to serve us.

“You are the inferiors.”

Following this, the man became increasingly abusive and vulgar and even sent her voice messages.

In the voice notes, he said: “You’re actually a fat f***ing pig. You know that? Thanks. You did waste my time.

“You’re f***ing ugly. Your a** looks OKAY and you would have been one f***. You would have been just one f*** because you’re a disgusting fat pig.”

Outraged, Ebonie called out the man for his behaviour and this caused the Tinder match to begin defending his response.

He said: “Look at my f***ing face. I don’t have to struggle to get laid. I especially don’t need a FOUR like you to get laid.”

Instagram: @eboniesand

Ebonie then decided to block Tom but knew she hadn’t finished. She didn’t feel it was right that the man could get away with his vile behaviour and talk like that to other women. Determined for him to be taught a valuable lesson, she shared screenshots of his LinkedIn profile and the name of the company where he worked.

She wrote: “This is horrifying male entitlement. It’s abuse meted out in response to rejection. It’s violent and disgusting.”

Within the space of 24 hours, Ebonie found that her post had received support from thousands of women. The response became so big that she had to tell her supporters that they shouldn’t contact Tom’s place of work – his bosses were already aware of the situation following the social media outcry.

She explained: “Someone has forwarded me an email they were sent from the CEO of the company Tom worked for.


Instagram: @eboniesand

Ebonie then told Daily Mail Australia of how the situation had unfolded within just hours and caused a reaction she had never been expecting.

She said: “He was persistent.. he wanted me to come over THAT night. That was when I started to feel uncomfortable.”

Realising that she no longer felt comfortable talking to the man, she sent him a message apologising and said that she no longer felt it was wise to meet him.

“Then all these voice messages came through, just abusive messages about my appearance, and my weight,” she said.

Instagram: @eboniesand

Although Ebonie then blocked him on Snapchat and Instagram, she was disturbed to find that he had made another social media account so that he could continue to harrass her.

The student said that despite being a confident and strong woman, she felt hurt by the messages he had sent her and that she couldn’t help but feel upset.

She said: “I am really comfortable with my weight and initially I was like this doesn’t matter but then, in the end, I realised an insult is an insult and I realised subconsciously I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

“That was when I snapped and thought he can’t get away with this and have no consequences whatsoever.”

It was at this point that Ebonie decided to take action and she drafted a post and published it to Instagram.

She said: “I woke up with hundreds of messages – so many people have messaged me to say they had experienced this or that they resonate with this or that they are struggling with online dating.”

Instagram: @eboniesand

Daily Mail Australia has since been told that Tom’s bosses have dismissed him due to the flooding of furious emails and complaints.

He said: “I had a read-through of the contract and validated that it was an act of serious misconduct and that he was no longer fit for employment with us.”

When asked how he felt about Tom’s messages that he’d sent to Ebonie, the CEO said he was “shocked and disgusted”.

He added: “There is just no place in our workplace for someone who treats women with that amount of disrespect.

“I have four daughters aged between 10 months and nine years old so that was one of the first things I thought about, and my blood boiled to imagine someone to ever speak to one of my little girls like that.”

Since Tom’s messages to Ebonie have been exposed, he’s removed his LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram profiles.

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