Tiny Robin Put To Sleep After Getting Caught In ‘Inhumane’ Glue Trap

A tiny robin has been put to sleep after he became caught up in an “inhumane” glue trap that made it impossible for him to move his wings. 

In the UK, it is currently legal for traps to be laid out, despite there being repeated calls for them to be banned.

The traps are made to capture small animals. It works by literally making them stick to a piece of plastic or cardboard and causes horrific injuries in the process.

A member of the public spotted the “beautiful” little bird while out in Rochdale, Lancashire.

They discovered that the robin’s chest, legs and wings were entirely stuck and that as he’d struggled so violently, he’d broken both of his legs.

An RSPCA spokeswoman decided to release images of the animal’s injuries on November 11 and said: “This beautiful little robin fell victim to the inhumane glue trap!”

“His chest, legs and wings were entirely stuck, leaving him unable to escape. A member of the public found him and called us, but we discovered that both of his legs were broken and his wings and feathers were badly damaged.

“As a result, heartbreakingly, the kindest thing to do was to put him to sleep.

“Sadly these aren’t illegal but we greatly disagree with the use of them.”

The RSCPA then said that if people see such traps being sold they should report these businesses by email.

They added: “Thank you for helping us to prevent more animals suffering like this poor robin.”

In other news, there has been a social media outcry following footage of a bear and its cub being shot dead. The bears had been spotted on a nuclear submarine and were gunned down by the Russian navy.

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