Tom Brady’s Parenting Comment Sparks Outrage

Tom Brady Parenting: The NFL star has caused a stir with his recent comment on parenting.
Credit: @gisele/Instagram

Tom Brady has caused a stir with his recent parenting comment. 

The NFL star appeared on Spotify’s DRIVE podcast and opened up one of the ‘biggest challenges’ he and his wife, Gisele Bündchen, face.

Discussing privileges, he said: “We have people that clean for us. We have people that make our food. We have people that drive us to the airport if we need that… We get off a plane and there’s people waiting there for us and we get ushered in.

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“That’s my kids’ reality which is the hard part to say, ‘Guys, this is not the way reality really is’… What can we do about that?”

After hearing Brady’s thoughts, many people took to Twitter and had a lot to say.

Sports radio host Mike Asti simply tweeted: “My condolences.”

Another added: “I’d like to experience that kind of hardship.”

“Yeah it’s gotta be rough,” a third sarcastically said. “Being rich sucks.”

A fourth weighed in: “I hope he gets through this tough time.”

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Tom Brady and Gisele.
Tom Brady has caused a stir with his recent parenting comment. Credit: @gisele/Instagram

Others took to the social media platform and defended the sportsman, saying they ‘understood’ where he was coming from.

Supporting Brady, one wrote: “I understand what he means. It’s tough teaching kids how the ‘real world’ is when you are born wealthy. In reality, people like me have to clean myself, drive myself, take care of my kid, take care of my home, etc… and I am a single dad. His kids are born spoiled and he knows.”

“Think he meant he didn’t want his kids to be like spoil brats and actually be aware that not many people live that lavish of a lifestyle. They are extremely fortunate to have wealth in their young lives. And learn how to appreciate it,” a second agreed. “Don’t think there’s anything bad about that.”

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