Tom Hanks ‘Screams At Fans As Wife Is Injured By Mob’ In Viral Video

Tom Hanks 'Back Off': The actor has been filmed 'screaming at fans after his wife was injured by a mob' in a viral video. 
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Tom Hanks has been filmed ‘screaming at fans after his wife was injured by a mob’ in a viral video. 

The Cast Away star was walking through New York City with his spouse, Rita Wilson, on June 15 when the shocking moment happened.

Hanks and Wilson were leaving a restaurant when a large crowd surrounded them, with one person getting too close to his wife, resulting in her tripping.

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At this point, Wilson began to wobble on her feet and could be heard yelling: “Stop it!”

Hanks quickly rushed over to check his wife was okay, before turning on the crowd and screaming: “My wife? Back the f*** up! Knocking over my wife?!”

After the outburst, Hanks and Wilson speedily walked over to a nearby car.

It’s believed that after the actor lectured the crowd one called out: “Sorry about that!”

Earlier this week, Hanks was interviewed by The New York Times, in which he discussed his 1993 Oscar-winning role, Philadelphia.

In the film, he portrays a young gay man who is dying of AIDS.

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He told the publication that if the movie was made today, he would not be able to play such a character.

Explaining himself, Hanks said: “Let’s address ‘Could a straight man do what I did in Philadelphia now?’. No, and rightly so.”

He went on to say that the industry is ‘beyond that now,’ adding: “The whole point of Philadelphia was don’t be afraid. One of the reasons people weren’t afraid of that movie is that I was playing a gay man. We’re beyond that now, and I don’t think people would accept the inauthenticity of a straight guy playing a gay guy.”

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