Tom Hanks Says ‘No One’ Talks About One Of His Most ‘Important’ Films

Tom Hanks says 'no one' talks about one of his most 'important' films. 
Credit: Alamy & 20th Century Fox

Tom Hanks says ‘no one’ talks about one of his most ‘important’ films

Hanks, 68, has starred in many critically acclaimed movies, from Saving Private Ryan to Cast Away, and The Green Mile.

He’s also won two Oscars – for Forrest Gump and Philadelphia – and is widely regarded as one of the finest actors of his generation.

Yet for all the recognition he and his movies have received, Hanks believes one of his movies is massively underrated – and some of his fans agree.

Road to Perdition (2002)
Tom Hanks says ‘no one’ talks about one of his most ‘important’ films. Credit: 20th Century Fox

On social media, one person writes: “I showed it to a few friends who had never seen it… and they were amazed by the film! I always have had a soft spot for it.”

Another adds: “Probably my favorite Tom Hanks movie, a bold statement.”

In agreement, a third fan comments: “Favorite performance by Tom Hanks.”

Somebody else insists it’s ‘cinematic brilliance’ and ‘a raw and emotionally charged masterpiece.’

However, others are taking to the comments and arguing otherwise.

“It’s still a good film and Tom Hanks is very good in it, but because it was a major studio film they went for a broader appeal,” one viewer pens. “It would’ve benefitted from a grittier, indie aesthetic.”

A second person says: “It’s good, but not exceptionally so, and it hardly broke any new ground.”

On the ReelBlend podcast, Hanks described the film as a ‘crackerjack’ and said it could increase in popularity over time.

The A-lister pondered: “People always say, ‘What movies will they be talking about years from now?'”

He said that it was an ‘incredibly important movie’ for him to go through.

Hank’s 2002 gangster movie, directed by Sam Mendes, follows a hitman on the run after his son witnesses a murder by his boss.

The film’s description elaborates: “On one side is his loyalty while on the other he must save his son and also bring to task those who wronged him.”

Road to Perdition (2002).
The gangster movie follows a hitman on the run after his son witnesses a murder by his boss. Credit: 20th Century Fox

Road to Perdition has an impressive Rotten Tomatoes score of 86% and 7.7/10 on IMDb.

It’s also received rave reviews from critics, with Ian Nathan of Empire Magazine writing: “Chastely violent and somber, the movie is a blood-rush of visual magnificence.”

On the CineXpress podcast, Fico Cangiano notes: “A fantastic exploration of violence, envy, loyalty, and relationships between fathers and sons, done through a superb old-school, throwback gangster film. Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, and Daniel Craig are phenomenal.”

Watch the trailer for Road to Perdition here…

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