Tom Hanks’ Son Chet Says He Didn’t Have A ‘Strong Male Role Model’ Growing Up

Tom Hanks' son, Chet, says that he 'didn't have a strong male role model' when growing up. 
Credit: @tomhanks/@chethanx/Instagram

Tom Hanks’ son, Chet, says that he ‘didn’t have a strong male role model’ when growing up. 

The 31-year-old recently opened up about his childhood as a celebrity kid on his YouTube channel, and explained how people have always presumed he’s ‘arrogant, entitled and spoiled’.

He said: “I didn’t have a strong male role model to tell me … ‘Bro, f*** these people. They are just jealous of you’.

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“You have all these things that they want, so they are trying to f***ing throw their shade at you so you can feel s***** about yourself because they are jealous’.

“I didn’t have anyone to tell me that. This is me now telling the younger version of myself what I needed to hear then.”

Hanks went on to explain that throughout his life, he’s also experienced a ton of ‘animosity and negativity’.

He continued: “It was extremely hard to break down their walls.

“So, I encountered a lot of disdain, a lot of animosity and negativity because everybody was just prepared to hate my guts.”

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Chet Hanks
Tom Hanks’ son, Chet, says that he ‘didn’t have a strong male role model’ when growing up. Credit: @chethanx/Instagram

Despite feeling that many people have judged him without knowing his true character, Hanks then claimed that many have felt too intimidated to share these thoughts to his face.

“People kinda did f*** with me a lot growing up. It was never to my face,” he added. “It was always behind my back in the forms of gossip and s*** talking.”

Concluding his video, the actor’s son admitted that he’s been given a privileged life many will never get to experience.

“I got to travel the world, stay in nice hotels, fly on private planes, and I’m very blessed for that. I wouldn’t change my situation,” he commented.

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