Tom Kerridge Defends Steak Prices: ‘Never Punish People Who Are Making Good Money’

Tom Kerridge has defended his £87 steak dinner after being criticised for its price during the cost of living crisis.
Credit: @cheftomkerridge/Instagram

Tom Kerridge has defended his £87 steak dinner after being criticised for its price during the cost of living crisis.

Speaking recently to The Times, the chef blamed the rise in prices as the reason his dishes are so costly.

Kerridge said: “The price of butter has gone up from £23 a box to almost £70. A drum of vegetable oil is now nearly £50, that’s a 200 per cent rise.”

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He continued: “A hundred per cent it makes me angry there are more food banks than branches of McDonald’s in this country.

“But I also think: never punish people who are making good money, who’ve achieved a great lifestyle.

“You don’t help to feed children by making successful people ashamed because I am one of those people.”

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Despite his defence, people on Twitter have disagreed with Kerridge’s statement.

One person commented: “There’s fine dining and there’s being ripped off! No justification for charging £87 for a steak!”

A second penned: “I could do 2 weeks’ worth of shopping for £87… You have to be a mug to pay that much for a steak, that’s probably shrivelled up and tastes like s***.”

“Sorry there’s no defending that. Absolutely shocking,” a third person posted. 

However, some people defended the price of Kerridge’s steak, stating that no one is forcing them to eat at his restaurant.

“If you don’t want to pay it don’t go. Fine dining is for people that can afford it,” commented another user.

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In agreement, another added: “Why should he have to defend it, if you want it then you pay £87 if you don’t or can’t then you don’t pay it… It’s really that simple”

“No one is forced at gunpoint to eat there. If some people have too much money and want to pay then it’s up to them,” a third pointed out. “If you’re moaning about the price then you’re probably not his target audience anyway.”

Kerridge owns six restaurants across London, Manchester, and Buckinghamshire and has three Michelin stars to his name.

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