Trans Woman ‘Humiliated’ After Being ‘Misgendered’ By Railway Worker

Credit: @edenjamesv/Instagram

A trans woman has been left feeling ‘humiliated’ after being ‘repeatedly misgendered’ by a railway worker. 

Eden Vickerman, 25, was heading to Manchester for a dentist appointment on June 11, when she ended up running late and had to book a later service.

But when she got to Manchester Piccadilly Station, her ticket was ‘flagged’ and she had no choice but to approach ‘two men who were working at the ticket desk’.

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The trans woman was left feeling ‘humiliated’ by a railway worker who ‘repeatedly misgendered’ them. Credit: @edenjamesv/Instagram

She told Manchester Evening News: “One of the workers said I should have got on a certain train, which I didn’t realise, but as I tried to explain, he started misgendering me.

“He said to me: ‘Yes sir, you have to board that specific train’.”

This was despite the fact Vickerman had her hair in a ponytail, was wearing acrylic nails and evidently had ‘a bra on’.

Not wanting to get into a disagreement, she said that she tried to politely correct the officer but he continued to make the error and misgender her.

Recalling the incident, Vickerman said: “I think he was training the other worker because everything I was saying, he was relaying it back and explaining all while calling me ‘he’ and ‘sir’.

“I kept correcting him by saying it’s ‘miss’ or ‘she’ but by the fifth time, it really started to annoy me.”

She continued: “He just looked me up and down and tutted and looked at his colleagues as if he couldn’t the point I was trying to make.

“He said something along the lines of, ‘Man, woman, whatever! God, what’s the world come to, eh?’.

“I’m not proud, but I just turned around and shouted ‘Oh, get a f***ing grip, mate’.”

Vickerman has now reported the incident to Northern Rail and, according to MEN, the railway service has apologised, explaining that ‘appropriate action’ will be taken.

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