Transgender Couple Share Photos Of Husband’s Eight-Month Baby Bump As They Excitedly Wait For Birth

A transgender couple has recently shared a heartwarming video of transgendered husband’s eight-month baby bump, as they excitedly await the birth of their firstborn child. 

Danna Sultana, who was born a male and now identifies as a female, and her husband Esteban Landrau, who was born as a female and now identifies as a male, are eagerly counting down the days until the birth of their firstborn, a son.

In a heartwarming video, the Columbian model is shown to be celebrating the upcoming birth of her baby boy as she kisses her husband’s baby bump.

Instagram: @dannasultana

To mark the eighth month of the pregnancy, the couple decided to share some touching photos and a video to Instagram, which was adored by Danna’s 225,000 followers.

The video shows Danna kissing and caressing Esteban’s booming bump as he smiles and cheekily decides to stick out his tongue for the camera.

The couple also shared photos of themselves posing in their garden at home, as Danna tenderly caresses her husband’s baby bump.

Instagram: @dannasultana

On Instagram, Danna announced that they would be calling the baby boy Ariel. They wrote: “We will almost have our beloved #ArielLandrauPerez.”

Recently, Esteban has been experiencing contractions and thought that he could perhaps be going into premature labour. Concerned, the couple rushed to the hospital and called his aunt, according to the couple.

Instagram: @dannasultana

However, the couple was reassured as they were told by doctors that at eighth months of pregnancy, it is quite common to experience such pains – especially as their son is going to be a big baby.

Instagram: @dannasultana

Relieved, the couple returned home to celebrate.

As it creeps closer to the welcoming of baby Ariel, fans have been wishing Danna and Esteban luck.

One commented: “God bless my little nephew Ariel I want to see you baby.”

Another added: “How cute! God bless you and may everything be a success at birth.”

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