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‘Transracial’ Influencer Who ‘Identifies As Korean’ Says They’re ‘Finishing What Michael Jackson Started’

A 'transracial' influencer, who 'identifies as Korean,' has told their followers they're 'finishing what Michael Jackson started'.
Credit: @londonoli/Instagram

A ‘transracial’ influencer, who ‘identifies as Korean,’ has told their followers they’re ‘finishing what Michael Jackson started’.

Oli London, who has undergone surgery to ‘look like a K-pop star,’ recently took to YouTube to show off how they’re having Korean whitening and wrinkle injections to make them appear ‘more white’.

Addressing their followers, the 31-year-old said: “So it’s going to make my skin more pure, more Korean, more white, so that I look like Jimin [a Korean pop star].

Watch as Oli London embarks on jaw bone surgery to ‘look more Korean’ in the clip below…

“It’s gonna be crazy guys, I might even be as white as Michael Jackson… But I don’t think I’ll be that white.

“This is going to be amazing.”

London insisted that the product is ‘pure Korean,’ just like themself. To ‘prove’ it, they read out the ingredients in their ‘native language’. They then went and talked through the procedure.

Sat on the surgery table, they said: “Guys, can you believe it? Everything with me is always Korean. I don’t use anything if it’s not from Korea, so this is just like, I’m in heaven guys.

“They’re using Korean numbing cream, Korean whitening injections, like… wow.”

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Oli London
The British influencer, Oli London, told their followers they’re ‘finishing what Michael Jackson started’ in their latest YouTube video. Credit: @londonoli/Instagram

They continued: “Wait until you see the results guys, I’m going to be so white, I’ll look like a ghost or Michael Jackson.

“Most importantly, I’ll look white and beautiful and Korean.”

So far, London has yet to reveal the after results of their latest procedure.

The internet personality has previously made headlines after claiming they will do two years of military service in order to gain Korean citizenship.

At the time, they said: “I do want to become a Korean citizen and for males in Korea it is actually mandatory to do two years military service and I’ve already offered and said I will give two years of my life to do military service.

“I will do anything to be Korean. I really hope they recognise my contribution to Korea.”

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