TV Host ‘Suspended’ After ‘Offending’ Adele In Interview

A TV host has reportedly been 'suspended' after 'offending' Adele in an interview about her new album, '30'. 
Credit: CBS via YouTube & @mattdoran22/Instagram

A TV host has reportedly been ‘suspended’ for two weeks after ‘offending’ Adele in an interview following the release of her new album, ’30’. 

Matt Doran, who is a Channel 7 reporter in Australia, is believed to have told to the British singer that he hadn’t ‘listened to her album’ in the ’20 to 30 minute’ chat with her after flying out to the UK.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Adele asked the host: “What do you think of my album?”

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In response, he said: “I haven’t listened to it.”

Sources at Channel 7 are believed to have claimed that after hearing the comment, Adele walked out. However, some have insisted the interview was already over at this point, reports the Daily Mail.

Doran has since returned back to present on the network, however, he is continuing to face a backlash on social media for his ‘error’.

On his Instagram account, one person said: “Seriously, what kind of journalist doesn’t do his homework. Fly halfway across the world and don’t even listen to the album. Gawddd.”

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The TV host, Matt Doran, reportedly admitted to Adele that he hadn’t listened to her new album, 30. Credit: @adele/Instagram

Another added: “17 hours on a plane and couldn’t find the time to listen to the album… the inflight entertainment must have been amazing to forget the basics of your own job!”

“Okay, but honestly, why the hell did you not listen to Adele’s album?” a third questioned. “You had one job, my dude!”

“Guess there should have been a brief listen to the album before the interview… Journalism 101,” a fourth commented.

According to The Australian, Doran has claimed he is ‘mortified’ for being unprepared to interview the singer.

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