Piers Morgan Has Been Hit By Further Ofcom Complaints After Drinking Pint At 6.42am

Piers Morgan has been hit by further Ofcom complaints after he decided to drink a pint at 6.42 am whilst hosting Good Morning Britain

Hundreds of people have been reporting the outspoken TV presenter to Ofcom due to his comments and actions throughout his slot on Good Morning Britain. Recently, people have been offended by his branding of viewers as being “knobs” and drinking alcohol so early in the morning, whilst working.

On yesterday’s show, viewers couldn’t believe it as he decided to slip himself a glass of beer whilst presenting. Despite the shock from others, the 55-year-old couldn’t help but be chuffed at having a pint. He happened to be enjoying his drink whilst speaking to news correspondent Jonathon Swain reported live from a pub about the easing of lockdown restrictions.

People took to social media to say that they were not impressed by his behaviour of boozing at work and said that surely he was flouting “health and safety” rules by doing so.

One person took to his Instagram account to say: “Drink alcohol while working is against health and safety. Piers Morgan should know that. Sack him now.”

Amused, Piers read out the comment from his Instagram and said: “Now some of the knobs have gone over from Twitter and are now on Instagram.”

Ofcom has now informed The Sun that they received eight complaints from viewers of the show. They expressed their outrage at his rant and drinking a pint on live air.

Whilst Piers savoured the taste of his pint in front of viewers, his co-host Susanna Reid muttered: “It’s 6.30 am in the morning kids.”

Ignoring her comment, he said: “Swainy, I’m very Jealous … I’ll be having a couple of pints on Saturday.”

Although enjoying a pint himself, Piers decided to warn viewers about being “careful on Saturday” and to not get carried away.

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