People Are Making Raspberry Twister Ice Cream Cocktails

People are making raspberry Twister ice cream cocktails on TikTok, and they look delicious! 

The fruity drink is made up of Twister ice pops, raspberries, J.J Whitley vodka and raspberry juice.

To try it out for yourself, get the Twister lolly and cut it up into small chunks. Add this to your blender along with ice cubes, raspberries, and juice.

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Twister and raspberry ice pop cocktails
People are making Twister and raspberry ice pop cocktail. Credit: TikTok/@hannah.miller28

Next, add one or two shots of vodka – depending on how strong you like it (but remember to drink responsibly!) and then switch on the blender.

Once it’s been in the blender for a minute or two, you should end up with a Slush Puppie-like texture. All you have to do then is make it look pretty!

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TikTok user Hannah Miller dubbed the cocktail recipe ‘incredible’ after giving it a go.

One viewer said: “How peng does that look.”

Another tagged a mate, commenting: “We are so gonna make hundreds of these when lockdown is over.”

“I need to try this out,” a third wrote.

Other TikTokers were curious to know how to get the sugar to stick around the glass.

Replying to the post, a person replied: “Just put a little bit of juice on the rim and dip it in the sugar.”

Featured Image Credit: Waitrose & TikTok/@hannah.miller28

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