24-Year-Old Woman Has First Kiss After Creating Hilarious Online Application Form

A 24-year-old woman, who had never been kissed, decided to create a hilarious online form to accept applicants for her first kiss. 

M’Lynn Martin, 24, has made it viral this week after she devised a way to get her first-ever smooch with the perfect guy.

The woman, from America, decided to put her organising skills to the test and created an online application form to find the most suitable partner.

M’Lynn shared the hilarious story on TikTok, where it has since garnered millions of views as people engaged with her emotional journey.

In the end, the viewers were ecstatic to see that M’Lynn finally had her first kiss – after the pair both tested negatively for COVID-19.

In the video, from December, she said: “Okay, I don’t know if anyone can relate to this or not but I am 24 and I’ve never had my first kiss.

“What that means is that my nervous system hasn’t memorised the feeling of someone’s lips on mine.

“So when I go to sleep and have dreams where I’m about to kiss the boy of my dreams our lips never fully touch because my subconscious doesn’t know how to replicate the feeling of actually being kissed.

“We get so close to kissing in my dreams but we never go all the way. We can never make it happen because my subconscious doesn’t know how to replicate that feeling in a dream.

“I’m over it. It’s like actual agony every time I wake up still not knowing what it feels like. So I’m hereby formally accepting applications to be my first kiss.”


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In the online form that M’Lynn made, she asked the applicants to describe their current relationship status and what they would like it to be in the nearby future.

Then obviously, she wanted to know why they had gone to the effort of filling in the form, so she asked why they wanted to be the one to give M’Lynn her first kiss and what kind of experience they would provide.

This was broken down into “a session” that has no time limit, a few minutes of kissing or simply one or two pecks.

On January 16, M’Lynn alerted fans to the news that she had accepted an application and would be having her first kiss.

She revealed that she would be having her first kiss with her college professor’s younger brother. She then joked that she’d be “kissing a homie that took one for the team”.

When M’Lynn’s clip initially went viral, she was bombarded with applications and found that some even came from different countries.

She added: “I picked a stranger, we have one mutual in common. He’s one of my old professor’s little brothers.

“But he’s really awesome so I’m really excited.”

@mlynnmartinI am no longer a lip virgin ? ##firstkiss ##apply ##fyp ##foryou ##millennial♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

In one of her latest videos, M’Lynn said that she had indeed had her first-ever kiss and had even captured the moment that she’d locked lips with the successful applicant.

@mlynnmartin##duet with @postwrigley Y’all, Ian made a TikTok. Also I love this song. ? ##firstkiss ##apply ##fyp ##foryou ##millennial♬ original sound – IV

In the clip, she explained: “Last month, I created an application where people could apply to be my first kiss because I was 24 and never had my first kiss before.

“I decided to post it to the internet and my friends, family and TikTok went nuts. People started applying from all over the place.

“I picked a stranger named Ian because he by far had the best application. And he also happens to be the younger brother of one of my college professors, which is just so funny that I had to choose him.

“This week we both got COVID tested, passed with negative results and got ready to kiss.”


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On the special day, M’Lynn shared a photo of her outfit and the very touching moment before they locked lips – which left many viewers overwhelmed.


Another questioned: “Okay but was it good? I need to know. I’m too invested.”

In response, M’Lynn cheerily confirmed: “10/10 would kiss again.”

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Written by Aimee Walker

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