Bloke ‘Proves’ Pregnant Wife Isn’t Carrying His Baby At Baby Shower

A video has appeared on Reddit in which a bloke “proves” that his pregnant wife isn’t carrying his child. However, he decided to time this reveal at the baby shower…

A horrifying video has emerged on Reddit in which a bloke makes shocking accusations at his pregnant wife’s baby shower. He accuses her of having an affair with another man, who happens to be at the event, and insists that the baby isn’t his.

The video was shared onto Reddit and although its authenticity has yet to be verified, viewers have been left gobsmacked by the footage.

Based on Reddit’s translation of the video, the Spanish speaking husband addresses the crowd and says: “This is my lawyer. We have over here a document.

“You guys all know that I’m expecting a boy. Here, look, I have the pregnancy test, you guys know I’m gonna be a dad. But you know what, you guys overlooked an important detail.

“Here is proof that she isn’t four months pregnant but in fact, she is six months pregnant.”

The mum-to-be then becomes agitated and begs her husband to calm down and discuss the matter with her outside. Yet he continues on his announcement, determined for the “truth” to be exposed.

The lawyer then intervenes, presenting the baby shower guests with footage of the pregnant wife. It looks as though she’s being intimate with a lover – who happens to be at the event.

The bloke adds: “That isn’t my child, this party is for these two.”

At this point, the baby shower launches into absolute chaos.

He ends his announcement by saying: “This party is not for me, but for them and I will leave it at that.”

As the husband walks away, with his wife chasing after him, the baby shower turns into a scuffle. Fellow guests turn on the other man, who is supposedly the unborn child’s biological dad.

Husband provides proof that the child is not his during baby shower in front of everyone, including the man she cheated with from trashy

The clip has since been viewed thousands of times and viewers have been left outraged; the footage was shared onto a subreddit called r/Trashy.

The group has over 2.2 million followers and is described as a page for “trashy stories, trashy glamour, all things fake, plastic and downright trashy.”

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