Boyfriend Tricks Girlfriend Into Wearing Dissolving Bikini – Leaving Her Naked At Beach

A boyfriend decided to trick his girlfriend into swapping her bikini for one that dissolves when in the water at their trip to the beach, which meant she was basically stood naked in public!

Julius Dein, a magician from London, decided to trick his girlfriend into wearing a bikini that would dissolve in the water. Knowing that her boyfriend’s job specialises in making things disappear, his girlfriend Estelle was still left gobsmacked when she realised what he had done.

Whilst enjoying a lovely day out at the beach, with Estelle showing off her neon green bikini she purchased off the internet, Julius decided to have a little fun.

Completely oblivious, Estelle had instead put on a replacement bikini which would dissolve once underwater.

Enjoying his prank, Julius recorded the moment and can be heard laughing from behind the camera as he watches his girlfriend venture deeper into the sea.

Although it took a while for Estelle to fully plunge into the water, Julius couldn’t help but found himself getting more and more excited with every step deeper she took.

Unable to stop laughing, he explained how the instruction manual said that it would take around 15 to 30 seconds for the chemical to activate and for the bikini to dissolve.

Within just a few minutes, Estelle caught onto the fact that her bikini had completely disappeared – meaning that her body was on full display beneath the water. Confused and frantic, she could be seen looking around her, wondering how her bikini could have disappeared without her realising.

Feigning innocence, Julius asked his girlfriend what was wrong and she responded: “My bikini! I think I’ve lost it!”

Convinced that her bikini had been “stolen”, Julius continued to keep his girlfriend in the dark about what had really happened.

After leaving her stranded in the water for a few minutes, he offered to hand her a towel so that she could cover up her nakedness before exiting the water.

It wasn’t until Julius had finished recording that Estelle became aware of what had actually happened, and thankfully, she wasn’t too bothered!



Posted by Julius Dein on Saturday, 22 August 2020

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Written by Aimee Walker

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