British OAP, 80, Plans To Marry Egyptian Toyboy Who Is 45 Years Her Junior

A British pensioner is planning to marry her Egyptian toyboy lover despite their 45 year age gap and insists he is not after her money. 

Iris Jones, 80, met unemployed 35-year-old Mohamed Ahmed Irbriham on a Facebook group which explores atheism and upon realising they had an intense connection, Iris decided she would fly out to Cairo to see if she truly had a spark with the man 45 years younger than herself.

Iris, from Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, claims that they professed their love for one another after talking for just two weeks through social media and she knew she just had to meet him in person.

Within hours of meeting in Cairo, Egypt, the OAP says that they had sex which she claimed was very loving and romantic.

She told the Sunday People: “It was incredible. I felt like a virgin again.

“My ex-husband said I was frigid when we divorced 40 years ago but I now know I’m certainly not.”

Credit: Iris Jones

In spite of their physical connection, the visit to Cairo to see Mohamed wasn’t all smooth sailing. The trip hit a snag when Iris was forced to spend two nights in hospital after falling down a flight of stairs in the Egyptian capital.

During Iris’s visit, Mohamed took her to see the sights in Cairo. They visited the pyramids, rode camels and took boat rides. They later flew to the Red Sea resort of Hurghada for a fortnight.

She also said that to spend time with her, Mohamed had lost his job as a quality inspector, as his boss refused to give him the time off.

Credit: Iris Jones

Iris said: “In Egypt we were quite frivolous, going out to the best restaurants all the time and we split everything 50/50.

“He’s even said he’ll sign a prenup because it’s me he wants – not my house.

“I’ve spent years making other people happy, now I just want to marry the man I love before I die.

“I’ve always been a bit of a rebel and he’s just perfect for me.”

Knowing that they had something special, the couple decided to get married despite their short time together. However, they were denied by the British Embassy who said Iris would need her divorce papers from her previous marriage. She would also need a certificate of no impediment which would prove she was free to wed again.

Iris said: “When they said we couldn’t get married I howled.

“We went to see a lawyer to find out what paperwork we need. The lift was broken but Mohamed is so wonderful he carried me up four flights of stairs.”

The former cleaner divorced her ex-husband over 40 years ago and she is now saving up to return to Egypt and marry Mohamed, who is from Giza.

Although they couldn’t perform their nuptials, Iris met Mohamed’s mother, 70, and she gave the pair her blessing and said they ‘got on like a house on fire’.

Credit: Iris Jones

Despite Mohamed’s family being happy about the situation, Iris says her two sons, Steve, 54, and Darren, 53, are not too pleased.

She says they have voiced concerns for the relationship, as they believe the 6ft 2in toyboy is only after her money but she says regardless, she knows it is true love.

She said: “If he’s marrying me for my fortune he’ll be sadly disappointed because I live on a pension.

“He’s even said he’ll sign a prenup because it’s me he wants – not my house. I’ve spent years making other people happy, now I just want to marry the man I love before I die.”

Mohamed added: “This is not about money. Money is not everything. It cannot buy you happiness.

“Love has no age and knows no limits. Iris and I found we understood each other well and felt the tenderness. I do not care about anyone’s opinion – only what feels good to me.

“Iris is wonderful, understanding and compassionate. We share the same views about lots of things. I’m not interested in Iris’s money.”

Iris has adamantly defended Mohamed, stating: “We are absolutely equal in every way. He’s not using me. If anything I’m using him because my love for him is selfish – I’m not going to let him go.”

Credit: Iris Jones

Currently, Iris lives in a £220,000 bungalow and she is supported by her £200-a-week pension, along with her disability benefits.

The eventual plan is for Mohamed to move to the UK, but because he has barely any savings he has been denied a tourist visa.

Iris insists that if this doesn’t go according to plan and he is denied residence in the UK, she will move to Egypt to live with her new husband after the wedding.

She explained: “I’ve met the right person aged 80 and it’s true love. I’ve never known anything like it and can’t live without him. I’ll do what it takes, even sell up and go to a different country with him.

“I worry I’ll die before I get a chance to marry. Mohamed says we might not have much time but that I will never die because I will always be in his heart.

“He’s amazing in every way… almost. His English isn’t amazing and he can get words mixed up, but who needs language when you are in love?”


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