Cleaner Shows How Clean Toilet Water Is By Drinking It To Demonstrate

Footage of a cleaner drinking toilet water has gone viral after she held a demonstration to prove how clean it was. Since being shared online, it’s caused a heated debate on Chinese social media. 

At a fertilizer company located in Shandong province, China, a cleaner has faced controversy after a video of her has been shared online in which she drinks toilet water out of a loo she had previously cleaned, to show it was okay to do so.

The young woman, who is reportedly surnamed Luo, supposedly decided to resort to the drastic measure in order to impress her bosses. Astonishingly, the action worked and in the footage, her bosses can be seen applauding her for downing the plastic cup of toilet water.

However, people have taken to social media and slammed the footage. They say it’s shameful of the company to have made the cleaner stoop to this level and it’s humiliating.

Yet representatives of the company have insisted that the action was completely voluntary and apparently, she’s been drinking from the toilets over several occasions throughout the years.

The company have insisted that the action was completely voluntary.

A spokesperson for Xhongcheng Fertiliser Technology Company in Shandong, east China said: “This is proof of perfection she wants to show, to tell others how dedicated she is at her job.

“She wants to show she is so confident at cleaning the toilet that she can even drink the water from the toilet.”

After drinking the cup of toilet water, the cleaner can be heard saying: “I hope that all positions in the company can do their work to the extreme.”

Colleagues of Luo have confirmed that she is an extremely hard-working employee and commited to doing her job only perfect. She has worked for the compant for 14 years and the company refers to her as a “benchmark employee”.

A spokesperson for the company told reporters that Luo hadn’t been forced to drink the toilet water and that it was of her own free will to do so. They said over the past few years she has done this and has defended her bizarre action.

Meanwhile, many have said that they’ve been left impressed by her dedication to the job, whilst others said it was disturbing and troubling.

On Weibo, one person commented: “People have dignity. How can the water in the toilet be drunk? Even if the drinking standard is reached, it is a toilet and insulting!”

Another simply said: “This is unnecessary.”

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