Company Has Launched Al Sex Toy Which Allows Drivers To Receive Oral Sex Whilst Behind The Wheel

A company has launched a controversial Al sex toy which allows male drivers to receive oral sex when behind the wheel. The device designed for pleasure has been made for Tesla drivers when switched to autopilot. 

A company has revealed that they have designed an artificial intelligence-powered sex toy which will allow male drivers to have oral sex performed on them, specifically for Teslas.

The crane-like robot will allow the driver to place the toy in the cupholder beside the gearbox and it has been made with easy adjustment to take into consideration the driver’s height. In case you’re curious about what else it takes into consideration when making adjustments, then yes, it’s accommodating of men with “all sizes”.

A press statement has been released which says that the machine is vertically and horizontally adjustable and will take into consideration all different body types.

Credit: Autoblow

The device has been dubbed the Automoblow and has been designed purely to create pleasure for male drivers and simulate that experience of receiving oral sex. It even comes with 10 different speed modes so you switch up the intensity.

The company, named Autoblow, has stated the toy has been targetted at people who are self-driving drivers, namely Tesla, and that the Automoblow is meant for when the car is switched onto autopilot so that you can really unwind.

So that it may be used by the front seat passenger too, the pleasure device can rotate up to 180 degrees.

Credit: Autoblow

Brian Sloan, the sex toy inventor, said: “I know some people will tell me that this invention is unnecessary but I believe those same people, had they been born earlier, would have been late adopters of electricity and the automobile.

“Artificial intelligence, as it is used in self-driving cars and even in our male sex toy, frees humans from mundane tasks and allows us to spend our time in more productive ways or in leisure.

“As self-gratification is a popular leisure activity and controlling a car is not particularly enjoyable, it is self-evident that many men will choose to buy an Automoblow.”

The inventor added that the product is really great for when the driver is particularly stressed about something, perhaps after attending “dental appointments” or even after “funerals”. He explained that the time they used to be spent driving the car can now be used for this leisurely experience instead.

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