Dad Refuses To Sign Son’s Birth Certificate As Partner Decides To Name Baby After Ex

A new dad has recently admitted that he is unwilling to sign his son’s birth certificate as he was left gobsmacked when his partner named the baby after her ex. 

A new dad is refusing to sign his son’s birth certificate as his girlfriend of four years has decided to name the baby after her ex.

The man met the mother of his child after she had just left an eight-year relationship and he has since admitted that he believes that she was “never really over” her ex-boyfriend when they first entered the relationship.

Over the years, he felt that she soon began to move on, and when her ex-boyfriend then moved back into the area she didn’t seem at all phased and even introduced the pair.

He said that they have been in a happy relationship for four years and have recently welcomed their first child. While pregnant, the couple bickered back and forth about the perfect name for their child, until they finally settled with one they both liked.

Yet when their son was born, the new dad said he went to go and sign his son’s birth certificate and was horrified to see that his girlfriend hadn’t entered the name they’d agreed on.

Shockingly, she had entered the first and second name of her ex-boyfriend.

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Later on, he confronted her on the matter and she would say she was too exhausted to discuss it and that it had simply been a “spur of the moment thing”.

On Reddit, he wrote: “She’s been fobbing me off for a few days now so in the end I told her, calmly, that I’m not signing the birth certificate until we change the name back to what we agreed.

“This caused a bit of a row with her and she’s now refusing to talk to me until I sign the certificate and agree to the name.”

Understandably, he has no idea what to do to resolve the situation, adding: “I’m now plagued with doubt and wondering if I should get a paternity test or whether she’s still in love with him.”

In response to the post, one person commented: “For sure, insist on a paternity test before signing the birth certificate.”

Another said: “Dude paternity test immediately. This is such a red flag.”

While a third advised: “She is being very shady, naming the baby after her ex is not OK. Get a DNA test and don’t sign the birth certificate until paternity is established and she changes the name to the name you both agreed upon.”

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