Desperate Mum Asks For Help After Cheeky Son Covers Himself In Fake Tan

A desperate mum took to social media after her cheeky two-year-old son covered himself from head to toe in ‘ultra dark’ fake tan. 

A mum couldn’t believe it when she discovered that her two-year-old son had coated himself in a layer of fake tan as she thought he was ‘cleaning’ himself in the bathroom when actually, he had discovered a bottle of Bondi Sands.

The mum shared the hilarious photos on Facebook where she shared that everything she had tried to use to help get rid of the fake tan had done nothing or even made it worse.

She took to the Facebook page Mums Who Clean and said: “Does anybody have any ideas for getting ultra dark tan off a toddler’s face, hands and arms?

“He used half the bottle to ‘clean himself’ and lemon and baby oil are making it worse.

“Please help.”

Credit: Facebook

Since sharing, the post has racked up over 8,000 likes and many people tried to offer their various solutions in order to sort out the mishap.

One person commented: “Only thing I can think of after laughing is call the company and ask.”

Another wrote: “I have no idea but this made my morning! Hope you find a solution.”

Whilst one suggested: “Tan eraser, lynx body wash, salt or sugar scrub, lemon juice.

“This made me laugh so much. Reminds me of when I was breastfeeding and my son came out with a brown face.”

Meanwhile, another person reckoned: “Try lathering him in baby oil and soaking in the bath or get radox bath salts and soak him in them in the bath.

“Also get a face washer and try rubbing it off while he’s in the bath doing both those things.”

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