Influencer Zoe Sugg Puts Office Manager On Furlough Despite Being Worth £4.7 Million

Influencer Zoe Sugg – who is widely known as Zoella – has recently been criticised by fans after it has surfaced she’s put her office manager on furlough, although she’s worth nearly £5 million. 

Popular YouTube star Zoe Sugg has come under fire after she’s taken advantage of the government’s furlough scheme, which has been created in order to protect people financially throughout the coronavirus crisis – despite the fact she’s been crowned the wealthiest female star aged 30 or under of 2020.

MailOnline reports that the 30-year-old has decided to place her office manager, Holly Macey, who is thought to be on around £25,000 a year, on the furlough scheme.

A to Z Creatives is a company which has been owned by Zoe and her boyfriend Alfie Deyes for the past two years, Holly has been employed there as an office manager.

Recently, Zoe has posted a video in which Holly is loading up a van with pumpkins on her Instagram stories. Although it appears as though she’s returned back to work, the vlogger’s rep has implied that this was outside of work activity.

Zoe’s rep told Daily Mail: “I can confirm that the A-Z office manager Holly Macey has benefited from the government furlough scheme due to the A-Z office being shut since mid-March.

“Zoe and Holly are very good friends and do a lot of activities outside of work such as pumpkin picking yesterday.”

With over 11 million followers on YouTube, Zoe has her own fashion, beauty and lifestyle brand, which now sells a range of products.

It estimated that with her Zoella brand that took over the internet that the YouTuber is now worth around £4.7 million.

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Feeling very “myself” at the moment. I don’t know if I can quite explain what I mean without sounding slightly odd but maybe some of you can relate. I’m very open with people online about the struggles I’ve had with my anxiety over the past decade, of which I’ve made huge improvements on (fistpump) but I do still have those days, weeks or months where my head is full of negativity & I feel like my brain is cotton wool, when I struggle to live in the moment & my head is just whirring with constant dread and self doubt, or that 80% of my thoughts are negative. Sometimes I don’t realise I feel like it because it becomes SO normal. I didn’t feel myself around this time last year & so I made it my mission to try and do things a little differently in lots of different areas. Some very big decisions with projects I’d already started & put on pause, ending long term projects like Zoella Beauty, I stopped uploading on my Zoella channel, turned things down that I felt I had no brain space for & also just changed up my overall life and business strategy (as well as many more personal things) I knew if I didn’t go with what my head needed and what my heart wanted, I’d never have a chance to feel happier in myself. If filling my days with constant work & endless to do lists wasn’t helping, then I wanted to do the complete opposite. Strip everything right back. I never wanted it to get to the point I felt so lost I just stopped everything all together, because I love what I do so much. I just felt like I *couldn’t* love it in the way I used to. In the last couple of weeks I’ve started to notice a real change in myself (and others have too), I feel like I’m living more in the moment, that life isn’t on fast forward & that I can stop and breathe. I’ve learnt not to care so much about what others think, or the immense pressure of the internet or a large following and how suffocating & isolating that can feel sometimes. Life is too damn short & precious to change and adapt for people that don’t appreciate you, to try and fit a mould that someone else has created for you or to live up to someone else’s expectations. Do you, be you & choose your own path, however hard it may seem 💗

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Per year, she is reportedly earning around £600,000, just from running two lifestyle pages and sponsored Instagram posts, which she charges around £12,000 for. Recently, she has topped Heat magazine’s annual guide to the UK’s wealthiest stars.

At the beginning of this year, the star was slapped with an ASA warning following an Instagram post.   In the post, she had been advertising the fashion chain ASOS, yet it was ruled that she hadn’t made it clear enough that this was paid advertisement.

In the past, she has also been slammed for her Christmas advent calender which was worth a whopping £50. Fans were left gutted when they found out the “overpriced” festive calendar contained items such as a packet of stickers and a pen.

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