Man Has Been Accused Of Using $4 Million Of COVID-19 Relief Funds To Buy Lamborghini

A Florida man has been accused of using $4 million of COVID-19 relief funds meant to go towards his companies to fund a glamorous lifestyle of shopping trips to Saks, luxury hotels in Miami and even a Lamborghini. 

David T Hines, from Miami, has allegedly obtained $4 million of coronavirus relief funds which were meant to benefit his companies. He applied to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans, which has been created to help keep small businesses afloat.

According to the 29-year-old, he had hundreds of employees across four different companies – Unified Relocation Solutions, Promaster Movers, Cash-In-Holdings LLC and We Pack Moving LLC – who he claims needed $13 million worth of funding to keep paying.

Hines and his believed to be girlfriend. Credit: Instagram

To apply for the loans, all Hines had to do was go online and request several loans – all of which were approved.

However, the reality was that Hines only had 12 employees and once investigated, it turned out that his business “inflows and outflows” totalled to around $200,000 a month.

Once this was uncovered, the man was accused of spending the money he received to treat himself to nights at luxury hotels in Miami, a fancy new car and shopping trips to Saks. The criminal complaint against him also states that he used some of the money to pay towards his dating profiles online.

Credit: Instagram

A Lamborghini was seized but it is unclear if it was the only one he had; in 2018, he reported to the police that his girlfriend of the time had stolen a Lamborghini which belonged to him. In the end, they were both arrested for battery.

Based on the criminal complaint which has been made against Hine, he claimed that to keep his business afloat he would need $4 million in relief funds to pay his employees.

Credit: Instagram

On the application, Hines stated that he had dozens of employees across multiple companies. Yet on his payroll, it was discovered that there were just 12 employees and he paid them on Venmo or Zelle.

Before the payments were put into his business accounts, it was found that Hines had just 30 cents in one them and another was $31,000 overdrawn.

On May 11 and May 13, he received two payments and one was of $10,380 and another of $794,850. The following week, he purchased himself a Lamborghini.

Following this, Hines made several direct deposits. He referenced two of the payments (which were $15,000) under ‘Mom’ and then paid a similar amount to three unnamed people.

The Lamborghini was linked to Hines on July 11 by federal investigators when he found himself involved in a hit and run incident.

At his arrest, authorities seized the 2020 Lamborghini Huracan which was valued at $318,000 and $3.4 million which was in his bank accounts.

Hines was granted a $100,000 bond which allowed him to stay at his mother’s home with a GPS monitor. His arraignment has been scheduled to October 14.

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