Man’s Bowel EXPLODED After Being Blocked Up With Big Bowl Of Dumplings

A Chinese man who suffers from a long-term intestinal illness has nearly died after his bowel EXPLODED following a hearty meal of dumplings. 

A 63-year-old man nearly died after his bowel became blocked up following a big bowl of dumplings, which led to it exploding.

The patient, who is known only as Mr Wang, claims that he actually heard a massive bang come from within him and he then realised something “had exploded” inside him.

He told local reporters that he experienced sharp abdominal pains and then a wave of uncontrollable sweating. His family members then rushed him to the hospital, concerned for his health.

As reported by Jiangsu Radio and Television Station, the incident took place in the city of Huai’an, in eastern China’s Jiangsu province.

Allegedly, Mr Wang had suffered from bowel obstruction for more than a year prior to the horrific event.

According to the NHS, bowel obstruction is a condition that prevents the bowels from working correctly.

Credit: Jiangsu Radio and Television Station

There are two different types of bowel obstruction – mechanical and functional obstruction. It is unknown which type Mr Wang suffers from.

He said that the incident took place at around 6 pm after he had tucked into a bowl of wontons, it is a type of dumpling that is incredibly popular in eastern China.

During his medical checkup, it was discovered by medics at Huai’an Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital that Mr Wang’s abdominal cavity had become overflown with faeces.

Credit: Jiangsu Radio and Television Station

Supervising doctor Sun Jian told reporters that the medics had to suck out nearly 3,000 millilitres of waste and liquid from inside Mr Wang. Following this, then cleaned his abdominal cavity with 23,000 millilitres of water.

Dr Sun added that when examining Mr Wang’s transverse colon, the medics discovered that the patient had a 1.2-inch wide hole.

Mr Wang ended up having an emergency operation and his condition has since been stabilised.

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Written by Aimee Walker

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