Mum Strangled Her 11-Year-Old Son To Death Because She Was ‘Fed Up Of Him Playing On His Phone’

A mum who made herself out to be the perfect parent to her young son has reportedly strangled him to death because she was ‘fed up of him playing on his phone’ all the time. 

Alexandra Dougokenski has allegedly strangled her 11-year-old son to death as she was feeling frustrated with him for playing on his phone late into the night.

According to numerous reports, the mum made herself out to be the perfect parent to others. Yet police in Brazil say that they have now charged her with young Rafael’s murder after she confessed to the horrific crime.

The crime took place just weeks after her little boy recorded a poem especially for his mum, saying how much he loved her.

Credit: CEN

Daily Mail reported that Rafael adored his mum and was so appreciative of how she took care of him and his brother. In the poem, he said that her smile meant everything to him.

The 33-year-old was arrested on Thursday after originally trying to divert the attention away from herself by insisting her son must have run away from home, following an argument about his behaviour.

However, the investigators began an extensive search and with the help of sniffer dogs and fretting family and friends they scoured the forest close by to the family home’s in Planato, Rip Grande do Sol estate.

When the search failed to find the missing boy, the divorced mum of two broke down and confessed to killing her son through strangulation, as she had been in a fit of rage.

The suspect said that she had to confess as she “couldn’t live with the lie anymore” and needed to unload the “burden” from her conscious.

After ten days of her son being missing, the mum revealed where she had hidden the schoolboy’s remains.

On May 25, the body was found in a large cardboard box in the garage of a neighbour’s home, only five metres from the family’s property.

The corpse was found to be badly decomposing and was wrapped in a sheet with a plastic bag covering the head.

Chief Constable Eibert Moreira stated at a press conference: “Alexandra originally claimed she had inadvertently killed her son.

“She said that after scolding [Rafael] for spending several sleepless nights fiddling with his cell phone, something that had been bothering her for a while, she decided to give him two diazepam tablets around midnight to make him sleep.”

Credit: FocusOn News

According to 7News, the mum described the victim as being incredibly agitated due to his devices and she was hoping that the medication was calm him down. However, after waking up at 2 am she found that he was still wide awake and on his phone.

Chief Moreira said: “When we first questioned [Alexandra] she told us Rafael had died from an accidental overdose.

“She said he was lying motionless on his bed when she entered his room. His body was cold and his lips had turned blue.

“But her story didn’t add up because she had already informed us that he was awake even after taking the pills.”

Once a forensic report found that the child had ligature marks around his neck, indicating he had been strangled to death, the suspect changed her version of events and admitted the truth.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, she said she had been losing “control of the situation” when it came to her son and his mobile phone, as she was finding that he wasn’t sleeping and staying up on his phone. The boy had not been attending school due to the lockdown.

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