‘Selfish’ Bride Insists That Grandad’s £3,000 Wedding Dress Budget Isn’t Enough

A bride has been branded “selfish” after complaining on Reddit that her grandad’s £3,000 budget for her wedding dress isn’t enough as she now wants two wedding dresses that she is “obsessed” with. 

A woman has recently come under fire after taking to Reddit to ask whether or not it was “slimy” of her to ask her doting grandad if he could he increase his bridal dress budget for her special day so that she could have the two wedding dresses she was dreaming about.

Credit: Reddit

In the post, she explained how she had originally wanted just the one wedding dress and so she had told her grandad that £3,000 would cover the costs. However, she has now set her eyes on a wedding dress for the ceremony costing £2,833 and a second dress for the reception marked up at £1,715. This would mean her grandad’s generous gift of £3,000 would not cover having both the luxury dresses.

Unsure whether or not it would be “slimy” of her to ask her grandad to cough up even more money, she decided she’d ask Reddit users their thoughts.

She said that for six months she had been “obsessed” with one dress in particular but now that she wants two, feels that she could look for something cheaper – yet she doesn’t particularly want to.

Credit: Reddit

Although it may have come as a surprise for the woman, she received tons of comments branding her “selfish” for asking for so much money.

One commented: “I love that she needed someone to tell her than option is just… paying for it herself.”

Another said: “Buying two dresses for your wedding is dumb, sorry bout it.”

A third person wrote: “Can I say that I don’t really understand getting separate dresses when they’re really expensive?”

Meanwhile, a bride’s wedding dress was mocked online as many people compared the detailing on the dress as resembling a “butt plug”, “constipation” and “cysts”.

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