Student Awkwardly Drunk Texts Parents About Her ‘Hook Up’ By Mistake

A drunken student has shared the embarrassing story of how she accidentally drunk texted her parents about her “hook up” with a guy she had met. 

Embarrassed TikTok user @Avemay has shared her mortifying experience of sending inappropriate messages to her parents about her sex life when she was drunk.

Mirror Online reports that the student’s parents were not happy about the messages and their content.

Explaining what had happened, she took to TikTok and captioned the post: “The most awkward morning of my life.”

In the TikTok clip, she showed a group chat which was filled with messages between herself and her mum and dad.

She wrote: “When you text the family group chat for permission to hu [hookup] with a boy when you’re blackout.”

In what she thought was her group chat, she said: “I’m bout to hook up with this kid. Is it fine?”

Immediately, her parents responded to the message and her mum replied: “What?? Avery BEHAVE!! Were you hacked?”

Her dad then added: “Huuuuuh. What? Kidding. Not Funny????”

Mistakenly, the student responded: “Did u leave?”

At this point, she caught on to what had happened and added: “Sorry wrong person.”


#greenscreen the most awkward morning of my life

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Many viewers of the clip sympathised with her story in the comments section. Whilst some said she could have resolved the situation with a little white lie.

One person said: “Girl just say it was a prank!!”

Another joked: “I would simply pass away.”

A third asked: “Why didn’t you just say you were kidding?”

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