There Is Now A Safari Lounge Where You Can See Elephants From Your Bedroom!

There is now a safari lounge in the UK where you can see elephants from your bedroom!

Imagine being able to stay in a luxury pod which allows you to catch glimpses of elephants and cheetahs from your balcony – well, now you no longer need to imagine as it is now a possibility!

This summer, the West Midland Safari Park is offering visitors the opportunity to stay in its new overnight lodges that let you get that one step closer to nature.

Located just by the African elephants and cheetahs, the lodges have been built alongside the animals’ habitat, which you’ll have an amazing view of.

In total, there are eight luxury lodges available to stay in, which have all been submerged within the wildlife in its own secluded area.

Credit: West Midlands Safari Park

With plans to open for summer 2020, they are currently in the process of being built but concept imagery has already been released, allowing potential guests to see what they’d be signing up for.

Both modern and comfortable, the thatched elephant lodges are open plan with massive living rooms to kick back in and relax at the end of the day. The lodges also include a kitchen, dining facilities and bedrooms which look out upon the habitats.

The balconies have outdoor seating which allows guests to sit back and watch the daily lives of the animals.

In addition to the elephant lodges, the single-story cheetah lodges boast a floor-to-ceiling window which guarantees the best possible view of the wild cats.

Credit: West Midlands Safari Park

In the offering of staying at the lodge, admission to the park is included. You’re also entitled to an onsite chef and you’ll even receive wristbands for the rides at the Adventure Theme Park too.

Despite it sounding like an exciting concept to be sleeping not far from wild animals, questions have already been raised about whether or not this is ethical.

To reassure visitors, the website has released a brief statement promising that it exists “to facilitate and initiate research that contributes to species conservation and the welfare of animals in our care”.

To help conserve animals in their natural habitats, WMSP has vowed to donate part of its profits to conservation charities and participate in captive breeding programmes that will help to increase the number of species which are being threatened in the wild.

As well as this, the safari plans to run to six campaigns every year which will help conservation organisations. Previously, this has raised £16,000 for the wild relatives of animals currently in their care.

Credit: West Midlands Safari Park

Although it’s not been confirmed when they lodges will be ready for visitors to stay in, you can sign up to email and you’ll be updated as soon as bookings go live.

So far, the park hasn’t revealed how much this experience will cost, but you can visit the safari lodge’s official website where more info will pop up when it emerges.

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