Trans Woman Is Whipped In The Street With A Steel Wire By Thug Who Called Her ‘Broken’

Disturbing footage has emerged online in which a trans woman is being whipped in the street by a thug who calls her “broken”. Reportedly, he used a steel wire to whip the woman’s back. 

Yara Raquele, from Santa Cruz, northeastern Brazil, has appeared in footage being beaten by a thug who said she needed to “learn to respect the crime” and demanded that she apologise.

In the distressing video that has circulated online, viewers were horrified to see that the trans woman was whipped with a thick rod by the attacker as he yelled at her about being “broken”.

According to some who have watched the video, Yara has been dubbed lucky for escaping, as it turns out the man in question is involved in human trafficking.

Journalist Daniel Filho posted the video to social media and asked for the help of others in identifying the attacker.

Yara was left with cuts and bruises across her back and managed to flee the scene by running into an area of dry bush.

It was confirmed to LGBT+ news outlet Apoie o Dentrodomeio by officials that the trans woman is “fine”. However, she has recently fled the city.

The Coordination for Women, Youth, Racial Equality and Human Rights has insisted that officials cannot comment any further on the incident as the victim’s family still live in the area and it could “compromise everyone’s safety” if anything more was to be released.

Earlier this month, the footage emerged on Twitter and it left many viewers horrified. Yet many said that they had become numb to the relentless violence in Brazil, especially in regards to the trans community.

Consistently, the country is being ranked as one of the worst and most deadliest places to live as a trans person.

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