Woman Captures Terrifying Moment ‘Haunted’ Doll Seems To Move By Itself

A woman has captured and shared the terrifying moment a “haunted” doll seems to be moving by itself on the inside of a wardrobe. 

Holly Armstrong has shared disturbing footage onto her TikTok page, in which a “haunted” doll appears to move on its own accord. So far, the creepy footage has received 1.3 million likes and thousands of comments.

In the clip, Holly is filming what she can see on the inside of the wardrobe. A wooden doll can be seen sitting up on the top shelf and all of a sudden, the doll’s feet begin to tap together before lifting its legs lift together independently.

In the background, Holly can be heard gasping: “Oh my god.”

In the video she captured, she wrote: “5 seconds before I jetted out of this house and threw a match behind me.”

@hollyarmstrong20And for that reason… I’m out✌🏼 ##haunted ##ghosts ##spooky ##wtf ##foryoupage ##fyp ##prayforme♬ original sound – hollyarmstrong20

Although Holly somehow managed to stop herself from lighting the house on fire, she confirmed to her followers that she did indeed leave the house, which she had been housesitting for a family.

As the footage was disturbing to others and not just Holly, she received plenty of concerned comments from followers. However, Holly reassured them that she would be posting a follow-up within days.

In the follow-up clip, she explained: “What happened was I was housesitting for a family, I was there over the weekend.

“I felt like creepy crawlies just being upstairs by myself and all that happened was that I left afterwards.

“I notified the family and they’re going to investigate it further but I’m still kind of in shock.”

@hollyarmstrong20Reply to @butterfliesinmyheart_ Storyyyy timeeee 😩 sorry it took me so long ##foryou ##spooky ##haunteddoll♬ original sound – hollyarmstrong20

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