Woman Shares Tip On How To Store Away Sex Toys And People Are Left In Hysterics

A woman thought she would be helpful on a DIY group page by sharing her tip on how to store away sex toys in an organised and accessible fashion. However, people were left in hysterics once they saw how many she had. 

On the popular Facebook page DIY On A Budget, a woman decided to share her handy tip on how she stores away her sex toys. Although this wasn’t what caused the interest in the post, as people were more curious as to why she has so many and were left amused because of this – clearly, the woman thinks it’s normal to have such a large collection!

The brave woman shared her creative storage hack on the Facebook page, explaining that she purchased a Primark hanging shoe storage sleeve and it was surprisingly perfect for storing a rather colourful selection of sex toys too.

On the post, she wrote: “I bought this today from Primark to store my toys. Not to everyone’s taste, but I love it.”

Credit: Facebook

Many people were left stunned by the woman’s honesty and openness, as they felt they couldn’t dare share such information, especially with completely random people on the internet.

Yet because of this, the post quickly racked up dozens of comments from women who praised her forwardness and said that her sex toy collection may be extensive but it was also pretty impressive.

Perhaps following the woman’s brazen attitude to sex toys, many said they felt “envious” of her array of sex toys and said they wished they had such a selection to choose from. They then dubbed the storage solution “brilliant” and “genius”.

One person commented: “Wish I had your toys!”

Whilst another said: “You’re actually my hero.”

A third wrote: “Best storage I’ve seen on here.”

In other news, a company has launched an Al sex toy which allows drivers to receive oral sex whilst behind the wheel. It has been specifically designed for Tesla drivers when they are switched to autopilot.

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