US Police Officer Removed From Patrol After Posting ‘Disturbing’ Photos Of Blood And His Baton

A US police officer has been removed from patrol in Long Beach’s police department after he posted ‘disturbing’ Instagram photos during the protests which showed his baton and blood on the floor. 

An internal investigation has been launched by Long Beach Police Department after one of its newest officers shared photos of himself onto Instagram in which he’s standing over a bloody section of floor, whilst he holds a baton.

In a statement, Chief Robert Luna said: “The images depicted here are very disturbing and are not in line with the high standards we hold our officers accountable for.”

Credit: Instagram

On Sunday, demonstrators clashed with police officers in what was an initially peaceful protest. It began to turn violent as some people began to loot stores, throw bottles at police. In response, officers started to throw tear gas and rubber bullets at the protesters and journalists.

This was a part of a nationwide protest in which people are retaliating against police brutality after the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

During the chaos of the protests on Sunday, police officer Jacob Delgado began to share photos on his personal Instagram account that showed him heading to the protests. As protesters faced off against the police, the 26-year-old shared an image of his black baton and a trail of blood on the floor.

Credit: Instagram

At this moment in time, it is unclear where Delgado had been deployed in the city during the unrest. However, he was meant to be a part of a dozen officers who were responding to city officials and police, that were trying to calm down the protesters and those looting.

It wasn’t long before Delgado removed the post from his social media. Yet it was too late, the photo had been seen by many and his sibling screenshotted the image and posted it onto his own social media. He captioned the post: “Bro getting his.”

Credit: Instagram

BuzzFeed News spoke to police officials and were informed that the department’s social media policy requires that officers “use appropriate discretion when posting photographs or speech that may jeopardize investigations or discredit our department.”

The official added: “Upon conclusion of this investigation, disciplinary action will be taken, if necessary.”

On his way to the protests, Delgado posted a photo of himself and two other officers as they made the shaka sign.

The caption on the picture read: “Back up on the way.”

In other news, three British teens have been arrested for the mocking the death of George Floyd in a ‘disturbing’ Snapchat post.

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