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‘Upset’ Vegan Confronts Neighbour About Cooking Smells In Pleading Note

An 'upset' vegan confronts their neighbour about cooking in a pleading note.
Credit: Alamy & Hey Perth via Facebook

An ‘upset’ vegan has confronted their neighbour about their cooking in a pleading note.

Having a good relationship with your neighbours can have a huge impact on your day-to-day life.

Being in the good books with them means you can trust someone to look after your home while you’re away.

But if you don’t get along with them – it can lead to some pretty unpleasant situations.

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An unhappy family from Australia sent a handwritten letter to their neighbour asking them to close their window when they’re cooking meat.

The plea was delivered in an envelope that had ‘please take seriously’ written across it.

The letter reads: “Hello neighbour, could you please shut your side window when cooking please.

“My family are vegan (we eat only plant-based foods) and the smell of the meat you cook makes us feel sick and upset. We would appreciate your understanding.

“Thanks, Sarah, Wayne and kids.”

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While the family sent it with good intentions, it seems their neighbour didn’t take it as seriously as they would hope as it has since gone viral on the Hey Perth Facebook page.

The post has amassed over 800 comments and people are divided by the letter’s content.

Some feel that the note was unnecessary and that the family had gone too far with it.

One person writes: “How about that delightful family closing THEIR windows! Do yourself what you expect others to do.”

“They should move out if they don’t like the smell of meats,” writes someone else.

Another user suggests: “They should go live in the bush. Everyone cooks and some smells I can’t stand but that is outrageous.”

A fourth person jokes: “Oh man… I’d be firing up the bbq and inviting the entire street.”

Someone else asks: “What time is the BBQ happening? I’ll bring a few kilos of marinated chicken wings.”

Vegan letter
A vegan family sent a letter to their neighbour about the smell of their cooking. Credit: Hey Perth via Facebook

However, others have defended the family over their letter – as one person says: “At least they were polite.”

Another person adds: “Why all the nasty comments? I’m a meat eater, but she was polite and respectful in her request and it’s not hard to close a window.

“Why not just be a considerate neighbour and close the window, rather than turning it into a big issue?”

A third pens: “Just tell them no and move on from this subject. There’s no need to shame your neighbours over a polite request they sent you in a letter.”

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A follow-up letter has been shared on the Hey Perth Facebook page – with the family clearly upset at their neighbour sharing their letter.

It reads: “You have taken the mickey out of me and have been downright rude.”

They continue by saying that all they did was raise a concern and in response their neighbour had a barbecue with lots of guests.

The letter also notes how the previous letter had been shared on social media before ending it with a threat to report their neighbours to the authorities.

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